Requirements to create a faction

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Requirements to create a faction Empty Requirements to create a faction

Post  ALonesomeFriend on Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:43 pm

Groups will be broken into different categories -

Survivor Group - These are just a whole lot of people traveling together in a pack to survive, these aren't actual groups that will be named on this, just something you can do without having to ask

Factions - A faction is a group of people following a similar purpose, in order to start a faction, you must have the following: A base, at least 4 members including a leader, and an explanation of your faction, such as their views on others (are they violent right off the bat? Are they nice?), how they survive, a back story, etcetera. Ask me to start a faction.

Colony - A colony will be the biggest group permitted in the RPG. Colonies will be considered "small towns" of people. In order to have a colony, you must have a decently sized base (big enough to suit your colony's size), at least 8 people including a mayor, a means of sustainment (food/water/materials), etcetera. Again, must ask me to start a colony

*Colonies are currently not permitted in the RPG, but will be permitted as the RPG nears completion*

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