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Post  ALonesomeFriend on Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:17 pm

Q: Can I start with a gun?
A: I've decided I'll leave this to be a bit realistic. Starting weapons will now depend on your occupation, as such here's a few examples:
Doctor - Scalpel or some form of medical equipment
Nurse / Paramedic - Some form of medical equipment
Handy man / Electrician / Mechanic - Something such as a wrench or a folding knife, or something that would be found in a tool kit

Q: Can I kill someone to rob them?
A: No. Robbing someone doesn't constitute randoming, however you can scene to rob them if it'd be a realistic circumstance.

Q: What kind of guns can be used in the RPG?
A: I like to think variety is always best so I don't limit what guns can be used, however most military grade weapons (automatic rifles, grenade or rocket launchers, etcetera.) will be limited to military and paramilitary units. Otherwise, they are fair game to be realistically obtained.

Q: Are any guns banned so to speak?
A: not at the moment, but if that changes this will be the place to find out.

Q: Can I start as military?
A: Some military will eventually be allowed and opened up to be RP'd as, however at the moment, no military factions can be used.

Q: When is this set? Does it affect the rpg in any way?
A: the RPG is set in 1998, same as Resident Evil 2 and 3. I decided against limiting equipment to weapons from that era, and allow people to use modern weapons, and some more advanced technologies to keep the RPG interesting.

Q: Can we use vehicles? Are any vehicles not permitted?
A: as of right now, vehicles are very limited and only available to a select few people/units.

Q: What's this realism stuff about?
A: I want you to Rp eating, sleeping, repairing weapons, being low on ammunition (so no going rambo), realistic weight and etcetera, and rping with wounds accordingly. As such, if you were shot in the knee, you would have a limp for life, if you broke a femur, you wouldn't be able to walk for a while, and you would also need a doctor for your wounds. Of course, that's all your choice, as long as you rp within the rules, it's up to you!

Thank you for reading, I hope this answers your questions!

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