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Post  ALonesomeFriend on Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:12 pm

The Umbrella Corporation are a global pharmaceutical company who moonlight as Bio Weapon manufacturers. They created the virus that has broken out in the city, and most of the forces here, aren't here to help.

Umbrella Regional Officer - ALonesomeFriend

Scientist -

Umbrellas scientists are in the city attempting to collect data on many types of BOWs and also create new strains of the virus.

Motto - [RE] Name l Umb. Sci.  l PX4

Clothes - white pocketed long sleeve shirt, black pocketed pants, black shoes, black belt.

Chief of Research - *spot is open*

Umbrella Biohazard  Countermeasure Service -

The U.B.C.S. Are a band of mercenaries hired by umbrella to act as a safety precaution when a virus outbreak occurs. They mostly believe they are here to help eradicate the zombies and help secure civilians.

Motto - [RE] Name l UBCS l Mp5

Clothes - Green short sleeve shirt, green Kevlar best, black shoes, black belt, black or khaki pocketed pants

Commander - *spot is open*

Umbrella Security Service -

The U.S.S. Is umbrellas special forces unit, they're mostly in the city conducting bodyguard work for high ranking officials, performing clean up jobs, or other dark dirty work. They are well trained, well armed, and are extremely ruthless.

Motto - * must get permission from ALonesomeFriend or commander to be USS*

Commander - *Spot is open*

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