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Post  ALonesomeFriend on Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:41 pm

Here is a list of all the rules of the RPG, there's not too many but please do follow the rules or disciplinary measures will be used.

1) Have Fun!
2) no racism, sexism, or bigotry.
3) respect everyone
4) be realistic as far as the RPG goes
5) 7+ words per combat action.
6) 3 Lines to escape an area
7) Only 1 action Per combat line.
Cool Do not random.
9 ) the RPG is generally emote-descriptive (excluding battles with infected which are purely descriptive).
10) Death time is 15 minutes, injuries vary depending on the severity of the injury (such as a broken back leaving permanent problems, verse an infected cut needing medical attention).
11) If you are infected/killed by a zombie, you MUST come back as a zombie for 30 minutes before returning to role play as your human character.
12) Special vaccines can slow infection in still living individuals for a short time. (Can only be obtained from specialized labs)
13) if you have an argument about a death or etcetera, provide proof (a screenshot or a reliable witness) otherwise, void it
14) if you choose to add a room to the RPG, do not kick for any personal or IC reasons
15) this RPG is more scene oriented than just killing everyone you see, please keep that in mind.

Please enjoy your time here and try to make friends, let's build a great community of role players here!

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